October is Arriving

Well, technically, it’s already here. But that October-y kind of weather is approaching: kind of crisp, smelling faintly of leaf mold. The days are shorter.

And suffice it to say that this:

A basket of ripe tomatoes

is no longer a weekly event. The vines are yellowing, and next weekend will be the annual green-tomato-pickle-relish canning party.

I’m going to picking all my peppers, roasting some, and drying others (to make dried pepper flakes for pizza during the winter).

The cucumber vines will have to go also, since the mildew is coming on in full force.

So What’s Going IN?

Time to start my greens seeds: kale, lettuces, chard and arugula. I’ve already put in some baby kale plants, just to get a jump on different harvest times. I’m going to try some more bean plants, and keep watering the strawberries since they keep producing those red miracles my family to eat.

Eek! A Mouse

I have discovered that a rodent of some sort (largish mouse/smallish rat) likes to hang out in our compost heap. It comes leaping out, terrified, when I stick a hose into the pile and water it. So I’ve taped up every hole I can see with duct tape. We’ll see if that helps.

We also found a dead rat outside our chicken run with teeth marks in its head. The good news is — one less rat. The bad news — some other larger animal is out there near the chickens.

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