The Blessing of Oranges

Before we moved into this house, I was unaware that oranges were a winter fruit. They are orange, bright, and filled with sweetness — qualities I associate with summer fruits. Besides, you can get them year-round, right? So how’s a girl to know when they actually like to grow?

Two years in, I am starting to mosey on over to the two orange trees growing on our property. I took to the plum and peach right away, but the citrus scared me a little.

Here’s what I learned the first year:

Lo and behold! Orange trees need water. So in the second winter, we got some fruit worth eating.

This year, after being conscientious about their needs, we have amazingly sweet and juicy oranges. I’m kind of knocked out by them, actually.

Yesterday, for example, I stood by my manual juice extractor, and squeezed around 80 oranges or so to get a quart of fresh orange juice. It’s a lot of work, but my Lord! What flavor!It’s like miracles happening right in front of me.

So today, I say a big prayer of thanks to the orange-huice plant in the sky, for bringing such a reminder of warmth and flavor into a very rainy winter.



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