Injured By Marmalade

I wish that was a joke. But seriously, folks — marmalade HURTS!

Making it, that is.

We have two orange trees that produce quite abundantly, despite our complete lack of knowledge about how to help them. So I’ve been staring at a pail of oranges on my kitchen floor for some weeks, now, wondering what I’d do with them. Then I remembered my book, The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves, and settled down to making orange-lemon marmalade:











You see all those little orange halves. They all need to be juiced, and then all the pulp, seeds, and membranes need to be scraped from the peel. That’s where the injury comes in.

My left hand develops repetitive injury pain very quickly. So the scraping of the orange insides after juicing completely inflamed my tendons. Drat!

And I forgot to add the lemons, so it will just be orange marmalade, which is fine by me!

My next recipe to try is orange slices in honey syrup, which I can’t imagine eating in anything, but can’t wait to see in a jar! I was planning to make candied orange peel, but no more wrist action for me.

So that leaves me with lemon and orange curd. No complaints here, since they are just about my favorite citrus things on earth!

I’ll post pics of the marmalade when it’s finished! Until then, no more typing. . .


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