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End-of April-Planting (and the bed that kills tomato plants)

I had Big Plans for this spring’s planting schedule. I was going to put in new seeds and/or plants every weekend from the last frost date (end of Feb) on through May. I started planting lettuce, carrots, and beets and waited for nature to take its course.

and then, it rained.

Not just light spring showers. Continuous downpour. It turned my beds into compacted rock in which no seed could germinate.

I started over. Beets, carrots, arugula. Even the tomato plants. Then, a mystery I call “The Deadly Second Box” occurred.

I plant my tomato plants in four adjacent beds. Beds one, three and four are doing fine. Bed two seems to be the tomato killing field though it consists of the exact same soil as the other three. I have now put three separate tomato plants in there and all three have died. What’s in there? Some kind of evil Loch Ness tomato-eating monster? I can’t figure it out.

In the meantime, I fumbled through March, with the successive plantings, and then last weekend, I did my final early-Spring push. The last beds of beets (Chioga, Detroit Red), carrots (Oxhearts) and arugula went in. I put in basil plants and three beds of basil seeds, along with green and white Cos Romaine. I gave Bed Two its last Momotaro tomato plant victim, and put in Ancho and Sweet Bell pepper plants.

I’ve decided this year to put bush-type tomato plants in separate pots, leaving the beds for vine varieties that I can train vertically up the old wire gate we use as a trellis. So I planted one of those, and then two sunflower plants, for the seeds (chicks love ’em).

It’s raining again today, but at least it’s a softer rain, not nature’s version of Doc Martens trampling on the seeds. Or so I hope. In a week or so, I’ll see if I was right about that.



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Chickens in the Rain

Riddle me this:

When it rains, and you have a small flock of 5 chicks in a backyard run, do you:

  • keep them locked in the coop?
  • open their door and let them decide for their tiny-brained selves?
  • let them out and figure they’ll tough out the rain?

These are things a newby chicken-keeper wants to know.

Thoughts, any backyard chicken folks?

Addendum: Never mind, the weather answered it for me. Driving rain and high wind caused me to have pity on the chicks and turn on the heat lamp for them in the coop.

Next up: is that a chicken or a rooster? Coming soon . . .

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