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Squatter Lust

I have dreams of squatting on unused land and raising things I don’t have space for in our backyard. In particular, I want to grow corn, sunflowers, and some grains for the chicks, and more tomatoes and beans for us (and maybe some of those darn squash I despise growing).

Lest you think this is an idle dream, I actually have my eyes set on an enormous plot of unused land behind one of my relative’s rental apartment. Absentee landlord + neglected enormous sunny lot = my idea of heaven.

Here are the challenges:
1. I don’t live there. Therefore, all farming would have to be done via visits. Would I get there enough to take care of it well?

2. Materials. I can’t spend any money on creating a growing space. The lot has lots of wood, fencing, wire laying around. Since I don’t know the quality of the soil, I’ll build beds from the abandoned junk.

Since I don’t live there, I’ll also build protective covers under the young plants to try and prevent their decimation by dogs, birds, and other urban predators.

And the soil and mulch will have to come from recycling centers and/or people posting about dirt to take away.

I’m open to any and all suggestions about how to get free dirt in the Bay Area . . .



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