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When Disaster Strikes, We’ll Have Enough Dried Bananas

I am obsessed with my Excalibur food dehydrator. I want to dry everything I can get my hands on. My new favorite obsession is drying bananas, which I buy by the very-cheap-bagful at produce stores, off the discounted fruit shelves.

Today, I bought 2 bags of organic bananas for $.59 each and promptly sliced them up and put them in the dryer. My kids love them, and I love getting things cheaply and preserving them.

I’ve been trying to make more than we consume, so that I can start putting food up. My goal is to get 3 months worth of food put away. (My friend Tontra says 8 months is recommended, but 3 months is ambitious enough for me right now). Every week when I go shopping, I buy a little bit more than we use, so that I can start stocking up.

This is all well and good, but right now, the pantry consists of peach jam and, you guessed it, dried bananas. Not exactly a nutritional haven. But I’ll get there eventually.

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